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Medi Mouse

A non-invasive spine evaluation method

Price: 100 PLN

A physiotherapeutic consultation based on the examination of the spine curvature with the Medi Mouse device.

MediMouse® - an innovative device for measuring the curvature and range of movement in the frontal and fibular surface. The measurements results are registered and depicted in the form of numerical data and graphical charts. The information are sent via Bluetooth from the device to the computer. The measuring process is safe, quick ad very exact (95% true to the RTG). A special computer programme analyses the data and provides information necessary for a proper diagnosis and therapy. The Product was awarded the Gold Medal of the Rehabilitation Fair 2010.


Classic partial massage

Duration: 30 min. Price: 75 PLN


Fascial massage with a roll

Restores the natural mobility and reduces pain.

Duration: 30 min. Price: 50 PLN

The roll should mobilise particular joints and allow for an efficient massage of the fascia. Helps in the therapy aiming at the release of the zone burdened with blockades and excessive tension in the muscular structure. Kinesiotaping Price: 40 PLN Therapeutic mud compresses Warms up, loosens, heals pain

Price: 25 PLN / 20 min.

The therapeutic mud is one of the most precious gifts of nature. It’s a product of plant rotting in the water environment with various micro-organisms and a little access to the air. The therapeutic mud used as compressed warms the body up, widens blood vessels and thereby improves the blood circulation. What is more, by warming and loosening the muscles and joints, the treatment reduces pain. Indications for this treatment are any degeneration of joints, contractures, gynaecological diseases and menstrual pains. Sollux Lamp Reduces muscular tensions and pain.

Price: 15 PLN / 15 min.

The light therapy is a section of physiotherapy using amongst other the infrared radiation. How the infrared radiation influences the organism: Widens the capillary vessels in the skin Stimulates the flow of arterial blood through tissues Lowers the tension of muscles Raises the pain threshold and thereby heals pain Stimulates the metabolism Stimulates the warmth receptors in the skin The Sollux Lamp uses either red light filters (anti-inflammatory properties) or blue light filters (anti-pain properties).


Individual training for the back

Adapted to the individual therapy of the spine

Duration: 45 min. Price: 50 PLN

Helps to introduce constructive changes to the health of your spine and improve your well-being. Stretching gymnastics

Duration: 30 min. Price: 20 PLN

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